Kaas Health is responding to the COVID-19 pandemic by manufacturing face masks and face shields for the general community.

The Story

In March of 2020, Providence St. Joseph’s Health and Services requested help from the community to help with the equipment shortage due to the COVID-19 crisis. Kaas Health was born out of the call for help. Within 48 hours, our small furniture company in Mukilteo had created Kaas Health LLC. and started to produce thousands of face masks and face shields for the medical community.

Now, we are continuing to help during the pandemic by creating face masks and face shields for the general community.

Thank You Kaas Tailored

How did the process begin?

Within 24 hours, Kaas Tailored switched from producing upholstered aerospace and furniture goods to face masks and shields. If you would like to learn more about how this happened, we invite you to read more.

Putting foam on face shield

Do you want to purchase?

Our team is currently manufacturing surgical face masks, face shields, reusable gowns, and disposable gowns. To learn more about our current products for sale, please look at our product list and fill out the form.

Sewing masks

Do you want to produce?

Within a day, the Kaas Tailored team switched operations from making chairs and airplane parts to face masks and shields. You can too! We have outlined information to help aid you in designing and making these products. To learn more about the process, read more below.

Sewing Masks with Template
Stacking Masks
Sewing template