The 100 Million Mask Challenge

In March of 2020, Providence Health and Services, started the 100 Million Mask Challenge. The hope was to reach out to their local community to help create much needed PPE. Within a few days, Providence and Kaas Tailored formed a partnership to rapidly produce face shields and face masks for their caregivers.

Thank You Kaas Tailored

100 Million Mask Challenge Interview with Providence and Kaas Tailored

Amy Compton-Phillips M.D., the Chief Clinical Officer at Providence, and Jeff Kaas, Owner and President of Kaas Tailored, spoke to each other in this video about the partnership that was formed. Both share their stories of the initial days of the COVID-19 pandemic in Washington and how we need to help one another to create Personal Protective Equipment for our caregivers.

Sewing masks
Sewing masks
Stacking Masks

Partnership with Nordstrom

Kaas Tailored and Nordstrom have had a partnership for over 40 years. From making sofas in their shoe departments to giving their IT teams tours of the factory, we have always loved working with a dependable, customer-centric company. Within the first week of partnering with Providence Health and Services, Kaas Tailored pulled Nordstrom into the mix. Many Nordstrom store locations around the US are now manufacturing masks. Their alterations teams are working hard to fight the PPE shortage in our healthcare system. Follow the link below to view the initial Nordstrom announcement post.

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