Do you have a factory that can manufacture PPE?

If you are a factory or organization with cutting or sewing capabilities, please read all of the following information. Below you will find directions as to how to move forward and design specs/patterns to start producing in your own factory.

How you can help

  1. First, watch this video. It is the latest update from Jeff on all things PPE at Kaas Tailored,
  2. We have provided the information for how to produce items. Please take a look at the data in the button below. Please find your friends in the healthcare system to help you figure out how to make the right equipment. We are urging other manufacturers to do what we are doing, but do it for your own regions.
  3. Are you a company or organization that is able to help us with either cutting or sewing? Please email us at with your state, company/organization name, and your capabilities.


How do I partner with local healthcare?

We partnered with Providence to get this up and running. Through a contact, we were able to call them and say, “Let’s partner together.” Our advice to you would be to find your local health care providers and connect with them. They will have Quality Officers, Supply Chain Executives, and more to help partner with manufacturers like yourself. Watch the video below to learn how the partnership is working so that you can work on this.

Materials Used

We are sourcing our materials from Providence. We cannot recommend which materials you should use. Please partner with your end customer and figure out what material will be best used and have them help you source it.

We can help Kaas cut or sew

If you would like to offer cutting or sewing capabilities, please send an email to Please include your name, contact info, and capabilities so that we can assess if we can partner together.

I have questions still

You can email our team at We are trying hard to keep up to date with these requests, so please make sure to research as much as possible before reaching out.