How Kaas Tailored Uses A Daily Management System

In last week’s post we answered the question, “What is a Daily Management System.” Simply put, a Daily Management System are the things we do every day, week, month, every quarter, and annually to make sure that we know the truth. The whole goal of this system is to make sure that we are creating […]

What is a Daily Management System?

This fall, we’re going to be hosting a series of Zoom Calls (register here, they’re free) unpacking Kaas Taolired’s Daily Management System(DMS). Each month we’ll dive into a different element of our DMS, so that you can start to see what it takes to build a DMS. What’s a DMS? That’s a great question and […]

How Did Our System Help Kaas Tailored Fulfill the Need for PPE?

There’s a couple of things that go into answering this question. The first thing was that because we’ve been doing tours for so long, the people of Providence actually knew who we were. They knew if we said we could do something that we actually believed, that we could do it.  Additionally, we always say […]

What is JIT Production?

JIT production is a method of production that relies on pull from our clients, letting demand dictate how much product we create.