Waste Tour

A 4-hour introduction to SUSTAINABLE Kaizen and Continuous Improvement as a culture, presented by a variety of Kaas colleagues. Ideal for teams and organizations to get a practical understanding of how these principles in action might impact their world.

Why do we offer Waste Tours?

We started offering Waste Tours over ten years ago as a community service in an effort to demonstrate a system of beliefs and habits that can create wins all around the business table: Colleagues and their Families, Communities, Suppliers, Customers, and last of all, our Shareholders.


Getting Dirty: Discover how much waste is in your world and, perhaps, why you should care about it.

Getting Clean: Witness several tools we use every day to remove waste from our world.

What can be learned?

We want to help you answer the question, “Why should I bother learning about this?” Our method includes conversations with a variety of Kaas team members, in-depth training on the 7 wastes, and an introduction to the improvement tools we use. You will experience team training, team cleaning, visual management tools, and kaizen problem-solving. The day ends with 30 minutes of Q & A with Kaas leadership.

What are some normal outcomes?

Guests are usually inspired to learn more about Kaizen so they can apply it in their own lives. Frequently they are surprised to discover how much waste is in their world. Many seem willing to explore removing some as they return to work. Occasionally we have guests who leave hopeless and super annoyed.

The Treehouse
12978 Beverly Park Road Mukilteo, WA

Tuesdays Wednesdays Thursdays

How Long
4 Hours

How Many
We recommend a minimum of 6 and a maximum of 50 from a single organization.

New organizations will be asked to have a conversation with Kaas leadership prior to scheduling a tour to ensure we are able to serve you well.

How Much
$295 per person – Pay with check or card

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