Kaas Live Events

A 1-hour deep dive into our Operating System with the Kaas Network.

Why do we offer these live events?

We started putting on these live events in September of 2020 because we missed learning with our community. We found this time so valuable that we decided to increase the tempo from monthly to biweekly.


The format varies depending on the specific topic, but we commonly use break out room discussions, teaching segments, interviews, and Q & Rs.

What can be learned?

These events are designed to go deep on a concept that is commonly asked about, like our Daily Management or Improvement Systems. We are not the experts, but we have a ton of experience that we love sharing with anyone who will listen!

What are some normal outcomes?

Guests typically leave energized to get to work on their own system.

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These calls are from 11am – 12pm PST, the 2nd and 4th Wednesday of every month 

How Long
1 hour

How Many
We cap out these events at 100 people on a first come, first serve basis


How Much

Interested in discussing which experience will best fit your team?