Nickel Tour (Virtual)

A 1-hour meet & greet with the Kaas Team in order to get a high-level understanding of our organization and see if we can help your organization learn more about Continuous Improvement.

Why do we offer the Nickel Tour?

From our experience, we have found that some guests are hesitant to sign-up for our paid tours. This is typically because they have heard about us from a colleague or friend and do not know us personally. This courtesy tour allows us to get to know each other to evaluate if we are a good fit.

This tour is ideal for leaders and CI specialists who are evaluating a partnership with us but want to see our operation for themselves.


We spend an hour sharing the Kaas Operating System. This is a free-form tour that is driven by the tour guests.

What can be learned?

We want to help you answer the question, “How can Kaas Tours help our organization better identify and remove waste?” In answering this question, we will share our system and tools that we use to remove waste. We also reserve a portion of this time to answer any questions that you have.

What are some normal outcomes?

Guests are frequently inspired by our operation and eager to book their first tour.

The comfort of your own home via Zoom


How Long
1 Hour

How Many
We recommend 1-4 decision makers


How Much

Interested in registering for a courtesy Nickel Tour?

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