By visiting your facility, we can bring fresh eyes, backed by our own experiences and tools, which can shed some insight and help your team avoid the pitfalls that we have encountered.

Why do we offer on-site visits?

We have been visiting organizations all over the globe for the past 15 years to offer principle-lead insights to discerning partners. We do not tour other companies to tell them what they should do. Instead, our best use is to observe, ask questions, and provide insights. Our hope is to help the team to think differently and have clarity on what their next step is.

This is ideal for organizations that have toured us and are serious about going through a lean transformation, but might not know where to begin.


We tend to make these tours completely custom, depending on what the host wants us to see. We have a strong preference to see the good, the bad, and the ugly. We find that seeing the “dirt” can be more helpful.

We enjoy experiencing a variety of daily and weekly habits and taking part in some go + see experiences.

What can be learned?

Host companies will learn how to see their own organization through our eyes.

What are some normal outcomes?

It is completely normal for the host company get some clarity on where they can apply the principles and get an idea what the next steps are.

We come to you!


How Long
2-4 Hours

How Many
We typically bring 2-3 Kaas or Kaas network team members

Waste tour or equivalent

How Much

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