Boot Camp

A three-day immersion experience. This is an intensive, team-building experience that will allow the group to “live” for a few days inside an organization that struggles daily to stay true to its values.

Why do we offer Boot Camps?

We started our Boot Camp program with the CI team at Nordstrom and leaders in the Dutch healthcare system in order to help their leaders better understand the Kaas Operating System. We learned that spending three days as Kaas team members allows the guests to be able to see both the good and the bad within our organization.

This is ideal for organizations that are serious about going through a lean transformation and want to expedite the learning curve.


Each Boot Camp experience is custom fit for each organization. However, the typical agenda is a Field Day followed by 2 days of exploring the ins and outs of the organization through job shadowing, problem-solving, and simulations.

*Lunch is provided all 3 days

What can be learned?

Guests will have the opportunity to see how visual management and daily habits create information “flow” and how these tools create the freedoms to innovate and serve our clients. Simulations are designed for guests to be able to feel the difference between good and bad work methods.

What are some normal outcomes?

Guests typically leave this time physically, emotionally, and, sometimes, even spiritually exhausted. It is common to have some leave with more clarity on how to lead more effectively using a principle-based approach.

The Treehouse
12978 Beverly Park Road Mukilteo, WA

7am – 5pm

How Long
10 Hours x 3 Days

How Many
We recommend the first Boot Camp be with Core Leadership teams, usually groups of 15 or less. Groups that follow should be department leaders and their teams, usually in groups of 30 or less.

Waste tour or equivalent; the team needs to have a working knowledge of the 7 Wastes (good enough to teach it to their teams) and a desire to serve their colleagues and customers by removing burden caused by waste.

How Much
$2995 per person – Pay with check or card

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