Monthly Virtual Q&A

On the second & fourth Wednesday of each month, we host a live event to deep dive into one of our systems. Currently, we are doing a series on the our Improvement System. During the Fall of 2020 unpacked our Daily Management System.

During these calls, we talk about the real struggles people are working through as they learn to reduce waste in their lives. We’ll answer questions that have been sent, talk with special guests who are learning along side us, and leave some time for open discussion, as we learn how to reduce waste together. 

Below are the full recordings of the zoom calls.

January 13th, 2021 – Adopting Leader Standard Work

In this final installment of our Daily Management System Zoom Series, we’ll be talking about Leader Standard Work. At Kaas Tailored, Leader Standard Work helps our team members have an intentional strategy to build the habits, schedule, and resources so that they can move in the direction they want to go.

December 9th – How Visual Management Systems Reduce Waste

Visual Management Systems help people know the truth, respond quickly, and get back to creating value. At Kaas Tailored our Visual Management System helps our team who speak over 14 different languages, quickly know the truth and get back to creating value. 

November 11th – How Daily Huddles Help Organizations Achieve Flow 

You may have another name for them, but we call them Huddles. Everyday at Kaas Tailored groups of people from the shop floor to our leadership team meet together and make sure that nothing is stuck. 


October 14th – How Does Strategy Remove Waste

One great way to remove waste within your system starts with strategy. Starting with strategy allows you to be able to communicate to your team where you’re trying to go, who you’re trying to become, and why you’re doing what you’re doing. It allows the whole team to migrate together in the same direction with less waste. 

September 9th – Daily Management

At Kaas Tailored, we know that if we do not add structure and habits to our day, we will not be successful. There are various tools and decisions that we have created and made to ensure that we are all communicating clearly with one another. On September 9th at 10am pst, Jeff Kaas will be hosting a Zoom Q&A session. All are welcome.