Virtual Waste Tour

A Kaas Virtual Waste Tour is a four-hour introduction to Kaizen, also known as lean thinking, and continuous improvement. While our tours are hosted in Kaas Tailored’s living, breathing manufacturing facility located in Mukilteo, Washington, our guests participate via Zoom. 

Our tours help teams learn to see waste as the enemy, and show team members how they can help each other reduce waste together. Our method includes conversations with a variety of Kaas team members, in-depth training on the 7 wastes, and an introduction to the improvement tools we use including truth, bit, and pull. You will experience Team Train, Team Clean, visual management tools, and Kaizen problem-solving. The day ends with a 30-minute Q&A with Kaas leadership.

We’ve found that touring teams are frequently surprised to learn how much waste exists in their world, and are eager to explore removing waste as they return to work. Guests become inspired as they learn more about Kaizen and how they can apply it in their own lives, and we become inspired by how much we learn from our guests.


When: The four hour tour starts promptly at 7:53 a.m. and ends at noon. We will find dates and times that work with your teams schedule.

How much: The Virtual Waste Tour costs $295 per person, which can be paid with a check or card.

How many: We recommend a minimum of three to enhance dialogue.

Before you show: New organizations will be asked to have a conversation with Kaas leadership prior to scheduling a tour to ensure we are able to serve you well.

Book a Virtual Waste Tour

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