How Kaas Tailored Runs Daily Huddles

At Kaas Tailored, we have various huddles that meet daily to walk through our “information factory.” There are a variety of tools to choose from to help organize daily huddles, but we use Trello and Zoom. I participate in a huddle every day at 7:30. We all call in from wherever we are in the world. When I say “we all,” I mean all the responsible parties over our entire organization. We could not have successful huddles if we left out a section of our organization. So there are 11 leaders on the call every day.

How Daily Huddles Help Organizations Achieve Flow

First off, what is a huddle? A huddle is a meeting of all the necessary people in a particular system that happens daily, weekly, or monthly to remove blocks and keep information flowing. It’s sometimes hard to see how people get blocked from creating value or working in flow. Things like the 7 Wastes get in the way of flow. It’s easy to look at the flow of a piece of furniture and see what can block it. It’s harder to identify what stops flow for team members. The whole purpose of a huddle is to ensure that value creation never stops.

How Many People Should You Have in a Daily Huddle?

The answer is the lowest number of people possible while ensuring work never gets blocked. Another way of saying that is the lowest number of people while ensuring someone can always answer the question, from end-to-end. End-to-end thinking allows you to think of everything from the moment the customer has an idea to the moment the product gets delivered.

How Kaas Tailored Uses A Daily Management System

Strategy comes from the corner office. At Kaas Tailored, strategy is the most important thing when it comes to creating a Daily Management System because it answers the question, “where are we going?” If you don’t know where you’re going, you could be having a lot of meetings about nothing. At Kaas Tailored, it’s my responsibility to not only declare who we want to be when we grow up as a company, but it’s also my job to give some of the key guardrails for decision making.

What is a Daily Management System?

At Kaas Tailored, when we say Daily Management System, we’re talking about the things we do every day, week, month, every quarter, and annually to make sure that we know the truth. The whole goal of this system is to make sure that we are creating value, and that value creation never stops. We call that flow.