How Yesterday Informs Tomorrow

At Kaas Tailored we use the “today, tomorrow, day-after-tomorrow” thinking model to help us with the idea of time frame. We talk a lot about today, tomorrow, and day-after-tomorrow. But yesterday actually informs it all.

Does Kaas Tailored Have a Strategic Plan Document?

Do we have a strategic plan document? Absolutely not. This is an area where I am super weak. At Kaas Tailored, the reality of our business is that we have everything on the wall, and this is intentional. We use a Visual Management System (VMS). Our Visual Management System is based on one of our values: that we want to know and show the truth. We know that human beings can take in a lot of information through their eyes, so we put our plans on the walls, so our team can know the truth.

How Kaas Tailored Uses Strategy in Their DMS

At Kaas Tailored, when we say strategy, what we mean is starting with who we are trying to become as an organization. It all starts with the question of, “Where are we going? Why are we building this beautiful thing together? Why are we collaborating?”

How Does Strategy Remove Waste?

At Kaas Tailored, when it comes to creating a DMS, the first step in the process is developing your strategy. This means first defining “who we are as a company” and “who we want to become.” Next, it’s important to identify, understand, and choose helpful thinking models so that your team has a shared way of communicating complex ideas that everyone understands. And finally, it’s important to choose the tools you’ll need to get there.

How Kaas Tailored Uses A Daily Management System

Strategy comes from the corner office. At Kaas Tailored, strategy is the most important thing when it comes to creating a Daily Management System because it answers the question, “where are we going?” If you don’t know where you’re going, you could be having a lot of meetings about nothing. At Kaas Tailored, it’s my responsibility to not only declare who we want to be when we grow up as a company, but it’s also my job to give some of the key guardrails for decision making.

What is a Daily Management System?

At Kaas Tailored, when we say Daily Management System, we’re talking about the things we do every day, week, month, every quarter, and annually to make sure that we know the truth. The whole goal of this system is to make sure that we are creating value, and that value creation never stops. We call that flow.