What is Leader Standard Work?

Before diving into Leader Standard Work, let’s quickly define Standard Work. Standard Work is one of the principles of lean manufacturing. Standard Work is the agreed-upon way that a task, process, or system should operate. Within each step, we define the content, sequence, timing, and outcome to be clear on how to achieve repeatable results. So we applied this principle of Standard Work to how we develop leaders and came up with the name Leader Standard Work.

How Kaas Tailored Uses A Daily Management System

Strategy comes from the corner office. At Kaas Tailored, strategy is the most important thing when it comes to creating a Daily Management System because it answers the question, “where are we going?” If you don’t know where you’re going, you could be having a lot of meetings about nothing. At Kaas Tailored, it’s my responsibility to not only declare who we want to be when we grow up as a company, but it’s also my job to give some of the key guardrails for decision making.

What is a Daily Management System?

At Kaas Tailored, when we say Daily Management System, we’re talking about the things we do every day, week, month, every quarter, and annually to make sure that we know the truth. The whole goal of this system is to make sure that we are creating value, and that value creation never stops. We call that flow.