Attention to detail
Responsive service
Custom made
Collaborative process
Expertly tailored
Lasting quality

High comfort

Who we are matters to you, and who
you are is critically important to us.
We’re not interested in working with
every company — just the ones who
require innovative design, production
and delivery solutions.

No loose screws

But we are nuts. Obsessed, in fact.
Committed. Fanatical. Passionate.
Whichever word you use, it describes
our unyielding commitment to
improving our business with Kaizen.
No detail escapes scrutiny — from
initial contact through delivery.

Calculated value

We don’t pretend to have all of the
answers — however, when we work
openly with our clients’ design and
purchasing teams, we frequently
arrive at upholstery solutions that
exceed everyone’s expectations.
Call it “designed in” profit.