Visual Management Systems

Visual Management Systems help people know the truth, respond quickly, and get back to creating value. At Kaas Tailored our Visual Management System helps our team who speak over 14 different languages, quickly know the truth and get back to creating value. 

On December 9th at 10am pst, Jeff Kaas will be hosting a Zoom Q&A session discussing how using a Visual Management System within your DMS (Daily Management System) can help your team quickly know the truth, and get back to creating value. If you find this topic interesting and would like to join the discussion, please register below.

Register Below

Please take the time to register below for the event on December 9th. In order to ensure the safety of our guests, we desire for each attendee to submit a form below. Do you have friends or colleagues that you think might be interested in this event? Send them the URL to this page, so that they can join us too and register.

Zoom Best Practices

  1. And….Action! In case you haven’t used Zoom before, know that you will be on video. Make sure to find a comfortable spot and please mute your volume upon arrival to the meeting.
  2. Bring questions. Please! We look forward to having this time be a discussion oriented session. We will start with a structured focus and flow into a free question and answer session.
  3. Bring your friends! Since we do not have the constraints of our physical location via. virtual, we can host as many friends as we want. If you know of someone that might like to join, you can send them here to register.

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