Kaas Academy

An introduction to continuous improvement

At Kaas Tailored, we talk a lot about continuous improvement as a culture. We use words like Kaizen, JIT Production, Push and Pull, and when you’re just learning about waste and continuous improvement, it’s a little bit like learning a new language. Our team put together the Kaas Academy as a way to kickstart your journey with continuous improvement.

We explain how we think and talk about reducing waste within our company so that you can have the vocabulary to start identifying waste within your world. This is a great series if you’re just getting started, or if you need a refresher. 

These first lessons will help you and your organization to ask and answer these questions:

  1. Is waste a thing?
  2. Is it good or bad?
  3. Will we do anything about it?

Learn the basics in 5 weeks

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What is Kaizen

When applied correctly, Kaizen reduces waste while humanizing the workplace. Kaizen is for everyone in an organization—from the CEO to the front lines.

What are the 7 Wastes

The seven wastes are categories describing things which, when reduced, increase value, profitability, and productivity.

Truth, Bit, Pull.

What is truth, bit, pull? It’s the Kaas Tailored way of explaining what we’ve learned from Kaizen, various lean tools, Lean Improvement, and the Toyota Way.

What is Standard Work

Standard work is the agreed upon way that a task, process, or system should operate.

What is One-piece Flow?

One-piece flow, also called continuous flow, refers to the way products move from one step in the process to the next—moving them efficiently by planning workflow based on the product and its needs, instead of the organization or equipment.

Next Steps

Are you stuck on what to do next? Don’t worry. We remember being where you are at! If you fill out this form, one of our team members will be in contact shortly to discuss possible next steps.