“There is a way forward: Stick with the principles.”

Geert van den Enden – Bernhoven Hospital

The Kaas Waste Tours

In 1998, after an introduction from Boeing, Kaas Tailored began our journey with lean. Our team was challenged to learn to reduce waste in the good times, so that when hard times came, we’d be ready. The Kaasco team took its first group to Japan to tour a Toyota manufacturing facility and learn about lean manufacturing, “The Toyota Way,” and Kaizen.

As we started removing waste together, we began to see how the individual kaizen tools replaced our bad habits with good ones. A wave of momentum came when we connected these tools together with activities away from the shop floor.  True power came when we started to understand the principles and how they were woven into our closely held beliefs about work and community. 

Tours and Workshops

Kaas Tailored is a platform for potential to come alive and thrive, a place where our guests can learn how to implement a culture of continuous improvement in their lives.


Send a Scout

Interested in discussing which experience will best fit your team? Send a scout to spend an one hour with us during the week. We have found it helpful for guests to come see the factory to help them get a better understanding for what we do here, prior to choosing a tour experience for their team.

Waste Tour

We are a teaching factory. We choose to share what we’ve learned about Kaizen and other continuous improvement principles with other businesses and organizations through our Kaas Waste Tour which we host in our living, breathing manufacturing facility in Mukilteo, Washington.

Field Day

Ideal for leaders and teams in organizations who have a desire to move from “tools” based lean to a culture of improvement.

Boot Camp

A three-day immersion experience. This is an intensive, team-building experience that will allow the group to “live” for a few days inside an organization that struggles daily to stay true to its values.

On-site Consultation

By visiting your facility, we can bring fresh eyes, backed by our own experiences and tools, which can shed some insight and help your team avoid the pitfalls that we have encountered.

Not sure where to start?

Don’t worry, you’re not the first one to ask. We look forward to helping you figure out the best, next steps to take on your Kaizen and Continuous Improvement journey.