Waste tours

No, we won’t ask you to do a dumpster dive! While we may be known as a company
that embraces Kaizen, we are painfully aware of our shortcomings. Our goal with any tour guest is to help them clearly see our wastes so they will be equipped to see the opportunities for improvement in their own lives.

A favor

We have found that the best way for us to improve our operation is to share our experiences with others. Our tour guests provide that “fresh set of eyes” and frequently point out opportunities that we’ve overlooked. If you or your company are interested in a hands-on learning experience, please do us the favor of touring and training with us.

Why waste?

Loosely defined, waste is any activity that clients are unwilling to pay for. Thankfully Toyota named them for us: Overproduction, Transportation, Motion, Waiting, Processing, Inventory, and Defects. Eliminate waste together and everybody wins — clients get better products at a lower cost; employees receive the joy that they deserve from a days work; ownership is rewarded with sustainable top and bottom line growth.

The Waste Tour

KL110 – Kaizen and the 7 Waste Tour
Purpose: To answer the question, "What are the 7 wastes
Recommended attendees: Top leaders with team members responsible for implementation
Recommended group size: Up to 50
Time commitment: 4 hours
Format: Classroom training plus tour and conversations with Kaas team members
Prerequisites: None
Cost: Your time

Partner Tours (Reserved for organizations who work with us at a top leadership level)

arrow KL201 – One Piece Pull
arrow KL210 – The Pressure Cooker
arrow KL301 – Reciprocal Tour (Kaas to visit your facility)
arrow KL310 – Kaizen Field Trip
arrow KL401 – Japan Kaizen Benchmarking Tour

Waste tour guests

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