Waste tours

No, we won’t ask you to do a dumpster dive! While we may be known as a company
that embraces Kaizen, we are painfully aware of our shortcomings. Our goal with any tour guest is to help them clearly see our waste so they will be equipped to see the opportunities for improvement in their own lives.

Why waste?

Loosely defined, waste is any activity that clients are unwilling to pay for. Thankfully Toyota named them for us: Overproduction, Transportation, Motion, Waiting, Processing, Inventory, and Defects. By eliminating waste together, everyone wins. Clients get better products at a lower cost, employees receive the joy that they deserve from a day's work and ownership is rewarded with sustainable top- and bottom-line growth.

Truth Bit Pull

We have been blessed to serve over 40,000 guests on Kaas Waste Tours over the years. It's difficult to think of an industry or profession that has NOT spent time with us. By having a constant tempo of inquiring minds and outside eyes touring our facility, we have been given the rich opportunity to learn just how universal the 7 wastes are in all fields, not just our own. Through this learning, we think we may have stumbled into a set of sustainable countermeasures; a culture based on Truth Bit Pull.

Waste tour guests

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