Sometimes the toughest part of a project is making sure that everything arrives on time, consistently and reliably. By restricting the number of clients we serve, we are able to fully integrate our teams and systems with each other and look for opportunities to reduce costs along the way.

The Blue Box story

In 2003, one of our clients requested that we consider using reusable shipping containers to support their drive to reduce packaging waste. Together, we co-designed a packaging and logistics solution which achieved this goal and trimmed both parties ongoing operating costs.
Cardboard boxes avoided so far? 15,000 and still counting!

“Just right” shipments

Custom-tailored shipping plans minimize the handling costs once our products arrive in our clients’ facilities. From kitting and pre-sequencing, to partial shipments timed to your drumbeat, we will work to find a solution that works best for your project.

Make the most of that truckload

Since all of our products start off as a three-dimensional computer model, we are able to virtually “load” a truck trailer prior to building the first piece of furniture.