Designed for easy re-upholstery, our Shogai® furniture solution makes Kaas quality a terrific financial decision for owners and operators of high-use properties. Cut your “refresh” costs by 50 percent over traditional methods.

Kaizen with clients

Shogai was born of a single conversation with a potential hospitality client. He was tired of the traditional “buy, discard, and replace” model for their furniture, but avoided the “buy and maintain” solution because of the hassle and cost of reupholstery projects. “If you can’t solve this problem for us, we won’t be able to work with Kaas.” Let’s just say he is a motivational speaker on weekends.

The chassis and the cover

For most environments, the fabric covers become soiled or torn long before the “chassis” beneath it fails. Shogai provides owners with the option of extending their furniture investment by just replacing the portion of the product that no longer meets their branding or cleanliness requirements.

30-minute reupholstery

Easy maintenance is built into every custom Shogai piece. On-site staff can literally reupholster a chair in under 30 minutes, without removing the chair from the room. Did we mention that they won’t need any tools?

Shogai®—A 50% Savings Over Traditional Furniture

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